Dog Chinese Horoscope 2014

Dog Horoscope Dog Chinese Horoscope 2014The Chinese horoscope year of the Horse may cause Dog folk to re-evaluate their professional lives and to contemplate how well-valued they are in the workplace. Indications this year imply that to Dog men and women will consider a different profession and successfully find new employment that suits them. Free of  his/her burden the Dog individual ‘s future looks much better and brighter. Under the Chinese Dog Horoscope, Dog individuals will find their enthusiasm returns and instead of being under-valued, they will begin to shine and be commended in the workplace for their industriousness and endeavour.

This year’s 2014 Chinese horoscope shows that Finances will need a complete review and overhaul since most Dog people will have far too many financial commitments for their own good. These people are prone to overspend quite easily and some times impulsively. Planning and careful budgeting will be needed in order not to overstretch. Dog folk may be tempted ot spend more than is sensible on loved ones close to them. This should be resisted and being tempted to spend money they haven’t got should be strictly avoided. Dog men and women should cut up all credit cards until they get their affairs in good order. It should be noted that Dog people manage monetary affairs much better if they are not tempted.

In love, there will be a few dilemmas according to the 2014 Chinese horoscope. Single Dogs will be perplexed about choosing the right partner. They will face complications in their love lives and find it tricky to know their own minds.  Married Dog people will face challenges with their partners who will try to dominate them and take the lead. Too much control for any one partner is a bad idea in any relationship.

Those of the Chinese Dog are advised to be careful of minor accidents in 2014 which could cause them to become immobilised for a short period of time. Dog individuals would be wise to take a look at their fitness regime or lack of it and put something into place. Smoking can kill and should be avoided by all Dog folk at all costs.

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Overview Of The Chinese Astrology Dog Zodiac Sign

Although many people are familiar with traditional astrology signs, some are not aware of the signs of the zodiac in Chinese astrology. The Chinese zodiac actually originates from the Chinese lunar calendar, and each of the signs is related to a particular animal. With the exception of the Dragon, all of the animals can be found in our contemporary world, and each represents an assortment of strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics. The primary difference between Western astrology and Chinese astrology is that the Chinese zodiac signs relate to specific years, whereas Western astrology pertains to specific months. In this article, we will look at the Chinese astrology dog zodiac sign, what it means, and how it may apply to your life.

Chinese Astrology Dog Zodiac Sign

The dog zodiac sign in Chinese astrology represents people that are sincere, faithful and honest. They value honor and tradition above most other things, and thoroughly enjoy helping other people. They are righteous, and will be the first ones to speak out against any injustice that they see. The sign also represents very distinct strengths and weaknesses that we will discuss next.

Strengths Of The Chinese Dog Zodiac Sign

The primary strengths of those that are born in the year of the dog can be found in their strength of character. When looking at relationships, and their career, they are courageous, faithful, and extremely intelligent. They are excellent secret keepers, and can easily build confidence with other people. Those born under this sign are also great leaders, and are always faithful with the relationships that they have with other people.

Weaknesses Of The Chinese Dog Zodiac Sign

The primary weaknesses of someone born under the Chinese zodiac dog sign include being overly judgemental, extremely defensive, and take everything much too seriously. They are the first to offer criticism over anything, without considering how it might hurt someone else’s feelings. Although they are very generous, this can cause problems in their relationships. They will give too much, expecting little in return, and are often taken advantage of. As a result of this, they are not very social people, and if they are in a relationship, it is something that they will stick with for life because they prefer to remain non social.

Compatibility With Other Chinese Zodiac Signs

Those born under the Chinese dog zodiac sign will be compatible with a few of the others. They are most compatible with a tiger, rabbit, and even the rat. They are least compatible with a dragon, snake, goat, rooster and another dog. In fact, it is virtually impossible for two people born under the Chinese dog zodiac sign because they will be far too stubborn, judgemental, and arrogant for the relationship to last. The reason that it will work well with a person born under the tiger sign is that tiger is very tolerant of the behaviour of other people. Although they do have a tendency to project themselves before others, and can be short tempered when others do not understand, they have endless empathy for people. This allows them to be very compatible with virtually any of the other Chinese zodiac signs, especially those born under the zodiac symbol at the dog. Hopefully this information on the Chinese astrology dog zodiac sign will help you understand a little more about those born under this sign, and their compatibility with others.

 Dog Chinese Horoscope 2014

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