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Dragon Horoscope Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2014The Chinese Horoscope for 2014 tells us that for the Dragon person, career prospects will be stable, but static. The Dragon person may experience frustrations in work because of obstacles that are put in their way. They may feel frustrated by individuals who seem tedious and uncompromising. There will also be unexpected delays in exciting new projects that are started and the Dragon will feel annoyed when progress slows due to unforeseen problems and situations beyond their control. The good news is that if Dragon folk are prepared to discuss situations openly, they can achieve new and fresh more desirable perspectives. The upside is that once the channels of communication and understanding are open, things will go their way and they will achieve their desired outcomes and successes.

Our next Chinese cycle informs us that there could be financial losses this year and unwise decisions made regarding future investments, unless the utmost care is taken. 2014 is a year when Dragon people would be advised to consolidate all debts and maintain their current situation rather than trying to make additional profits. Markets are volatile and unreliable. Dragon men and women may be tempted by unrealistic proposals. Dragon people should avoid unnecessary expenditure at all costs and try to put some money aside on a regular basis for use when the monetary markets have stabilised. This will be frustrating for Dragon people, but undoubtedly the best course of action.

From the Chinese Horoscope in 2014 we can tell  that the Dragon’s love-life will have mixed blessings. It is unwise to become too stubborn when things don’t go your way in partnerships. Dragon folk will need to compromise to keep good harmony with their partners. Single Dragon individuals could make wrong choices in love this year if they are too hasty and reckless. Our Chinese horoscope suggests that they would be wise to listen to their elders and not rush too quickly into new relationships with unsuitable others. Dragon male and female should take care not to worry too much. Their health could be compromised if they continually fret because things haven’t gone their way. They will be under stress at work and this could cause a lot of sleepless nights. A lot of worry will cause headaches.

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 Chinese Sign of the Dragon

The Dragon has long been the chosen symbol of Chinese emperors, as it represents great power and good fortune. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that being born in the Year of the Dragon is considered to be particularly lucky and advantageous.

A typical dragon is a born leader. They have a tendency towards perfectionism, but this does not manifest itself as insecurity and self doubt, as it might in other astrology signs. When a Dragon strives for perfection they know that they will achieve it because they have full confidence in their own ability. They also expect other people to see and acknowledge this superiority, and can be inflexible and unaccommodating of other peoples’ ideas and opinions when it comes to taking action.

The proud nature, stubbornness and over confidence of a Dragon can mean that they are very quick to anger if they are challenged. They are not accustomed to taking orders from other people. However, a Dragon will possess such charm that they find it easy to bend people to their will and assert their authority. A Dragon is not like an Ox, who is stern in asserting their dominance, or a Rat, who may have a tendency to impose their will with the use of force.

A Dragon will always be upfront about their opinions, and will rarely censor their thoughts. They may sometimes cause offence by speaking before they think, especially if they are voicing their opinion to another strong astrological sign such as an Ox. But because of their great intelligence and wisdom, it is always a good idea to listen to the advice of the Dragon. They can be an excellent source of guidance for those wise enough to listen.

Dragons may not be primarily motivated in their daily lives by money, but they are certainly attracted to prestige, rank and the idea of impressing others – they can be extreme snobs. A person born under the sign of the dragon may enter any type of career as they are intelligent, tenacious and gifted. Whether they choose to be a musician or a great politician, their success is assured. For this reason, many Chinese parents hope to have a child who is born under the Year of the Dragon.

Despite possessing obstinate and domineering traits, Dragons are typically loved and adored. In fact, they are considered to be the luckiest symbol when it comes to matters of the heart. They are a particularly strong match with a Pig, Rat or Rabbit, but should avoid anyone who is born under the sign of the Ox or Dog. A Dragon should also avoid a marriage with somebody born under the same astrological symbol, as their love of authority and dominance will cause many clashes.

Because a Dragon gets their self worth from their power, they will often fear getting older and losing their influence. This loss of youthful strength and authority can cause older Dragons to become irritable and cantankerous.

 Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2014

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