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Goat Horoscope Goat Chinese Horoscope 2014The 2014 Chinese Astrology Horoscope tells me that the Goat person will have good luck in the Year of the Horse. In work, they will be successful and lots of attractive opportunities will come their way. Colleagues will be amenable and bosses will be encouraging. Projects will develop nicely and there will be great satisfaction all round. Goat individuals may find themselves singled out by seniors for good conduct and high praise will be given for excellent performance. Targets and goals will all be met comfortably and Goat men and women will feel very proud. However, they must not take this for granted simply because good fortune in 2014 is theirs.

Romance and love will blossom for Goat people. Single people of this sign who have been without a partner for a long period may well find a new romantic opportunity appears. In the matter of new romantic possibilities, Chinese astrology advises they should not be rushed but given adequate time to take root and develop. Goat individuals might well feel quite lustful during this year but run the risk of making a bad judgement. If relationship matters are hurried that is.  For existing partnerships there may need to be a period of bridge-building as the result of a historical grievance. Both parties will need to soften their argumentative line to restore balance and Goat men and women should try hard to leave personal pride to one side.

This is a good Horoscope which suggests there will be plenty of money coming to Goat folk this year. You will be inclined to over-spend some of it on loved ones, which is fine, so long as you don’t over do it. It would be unwise to contemplate any get-rich-quick schemes that you are attracted to since heavy losses could be incurred as a result of them. Stay away from making an over-large insurance claim.

Your health could be problematic in 2014, my Chinese horoscope interpretation suggests. You may experience pains in the spine and upper parts of the body. You should take serious note of seemingly minor symptoms and always get them checked out by medical professionals, otherwise long-term health could be compromised.

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Chinese Sign of the Goat

Goats are usually very artistic and gifted. They come across as charming and tend to love nature. Their creativity is outstanding and they usually have a lot of friends and acquaintances thanks to their charm and good manners. However, goats are also very insecure. They get anxious very easily and generally have a negative outlook on life. Goats are often concerned about their appearance and can get very self-conscious if they do not look their best.

Goats tend to be indecisive. They always take the time to carefully think before making a decision and are naturally drawn to things such as esoteric books, horoscopes or fortune-telling. A lot of Goats actually work as fortune-tellers or mediums! Goats are drawn to careers where they will be able to use their artistic talents. They do not have good organization skills and are usually not successful with traditional business ventures. Goats would rather practice art, write or craft something with their hands.

Goats are very hard to resist. Romantic partners are drawn to their charming personality and sweetness. Goats can be bossy and lazy at times but their natural sweetness makes up for it. In romantic relationships, Goats are fully compatible with Pigs, Horses, Monkeys, Dragons and Rabbits. Things might work with a Dog, a Snake but a relationship with another Goat, a Rat, an Ox or a Rooster will more than likely not be successful. A Goat and a Tiger is one of the worst combinations possible and should be avoided at all cost!

These are only some very general character traits for Goats. You will probably recognize yourself even more in your Chinese horoscope if you factor in the element associated with your sign. If you were born in 1955-1056, your element is Wood. You are a Fire Goat if you were born in 1967-1968, an Earth Goat if you were born in 1979-1980, a Metal Goat if you were born in 1991-1992 and a Water Goat if you were born in 2003-2004. For instance, the Earth Goat’s main personality trait is loyalty. A Wood Goat will be more successful than other Goats in business and a Fire Goat is passionate and enigmatic. A Metal goat is very determined once they set their mind on something while a Water Goat’s main trait is their sensitivity.

Did you recognize yourself or someone you know well in this horoscope? Chinese horoscopes are often fascinating and very true to life. You should do more research about Chinese astrology to learn more about yourself and the people around you!

 Goat Chinese Horoscope 2014

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