Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2014

Monkey Horoscope Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2014My astrology Horoscope for The Chinese time of the Horse will bring  men and women of this sign mixed fortunes. In the workplace, Monkey folk should continue to work as diligently as possible despite rumours that there are risks to jobs and career prospects. Monkey people will be luckier than most in business affairs for fortune will smile upon their endeavours. Their main weaknesses will be getting too easily distracted by others (who appear to be more successful) or being won over by unrealistic schemes that promise instant successes and substantial monetary rewards. Remember, all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Rewards for Monkey individuals will come from reliable sources- consistent hard work, effort and endeavour.

From a Chinese horoscope perspective, Monkey men and women should take care that greed doesn’t overrule their thinking where finances are concerned. It will be necessary to tighten the belt where spending is concerned this year and not be attracted by risky investments. Monkey men and women may find themselves looking around for the best deals in investments. They must be satisfied that in the current economic climate, they have already chosen well. The shrewder Monkey folk will realise that now is not a good time to be rocking the boat. The person living under this sign would be wise to look to saving some of their hard earned cash this year just in case they need it in the future.

Chinese horoscope interpretation predicts that the Love life for folk born under this sign will be harmonious. If married, they will enjoy being together and will have many conversations relating to the increasing and growing needs of their families. For single  people, 2014 is a time when they  will learn by their mistakes. They should also learn the lesson of forgiveness. If they can accept that human beings are not perfect, they could easily find happiness with another compatible person. Romance and happy times are highlighted for these people in 2014.

Where health is concerned, the Monkey person should avoid too much dependence on antibiotics or prescribed pain killers for their joints. They could be prone to infections in the pancreas and/or bladder areas. My Chinese Astrology readings for 2014 imply a mixed horoscope cycle for this sign and it is to be enjoyed while exercising due diligence.

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Chinese Sign of the Monkey

Your average Monkey is a fun person to be around because they are cheerful and energetic. This astrological sign is also known for high intellect and creativity. In short, Monkeys tend to be very blessed in life and highly popular with their peers. If someone is at the center of the entertainment at a party, they are very likely to have been born in the Year of the Monkey.

Many famous and successful people are Monkeys, because this sign can be both lucky and charming. Another reason why they tend to be very successful in their chosen career is their keen intelligence, curiosity about life and their unsurpassed problem solving ability. If you have an issue, your best chance of finding a way to resolve it is to call a Monkey! They will listen to your problem with rapt attention, and are typically wise and full of good advice.

A Monkey may be very sociable and open about their feelings, but it would be a mistake to assume that they are also honest about their thoughts and opinions. Although they are mostly genuine in their dealings with others, if you do displease a Monkey it is very likely that they will hide their disdain beneath a friendly demeanor. Their friendly appearance can also disguise exactly how self absorbed a Monkey can be – they tend to be indifferent to the plight of others if it is in conflict with their own interests.

This indifference can spill over into relationships, both friendly and romantic. Monkeys can be very loyal and devoted companions, and they will fall in love very easily. But if they start to grow bored or disinterested then they will feel no remorse in replacing the existing relationship with a newer, more exciting one. Their best astrological match is a Pig, as the shared intellectual pursuits will help to sustain the Monkey’s interest for longer.

Monkeys find it more difficult to get along with reserved Dogs or serious Horses. Strong and dominant astrological signs such as the Tiger and the Ox make a much better match, although two headstrong and self interested personalities can sometimes lead to conflicts. Monkey people often persuade themselves that their opinion or way of doing things is absolutely correct, and they will normally be unwilling to consider the alternatives. They can be very unreasonable.

Because Monkeys are quite fun loving they are drawn to excitement and adventure, but they have one particularly big interest; food. In common with Pigs, Monkeys have a tendency to over eat. However, they are less interested in gourmet food and instead are prone to snacking, which means that many Monkeys struggle with weight gain.

In balance though, the Year of the Monkey is a very good astrological sign to be born under. Because a Monkey finds it so easy to get along with other people and they are often the brightest person in the room, they will sail through life without a hitch.

 Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2014

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