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Ox Horoscope Ox Chinese Horoscope 2014This year’s Chinese Astrology horoscope shows that Ox individuals can expect a run of uncertainties this year. Although Ox folk (especially Chinese) are naturally hard-working and conscientious, the workplace will be competitive and employment may be unstable. This is no reflection on the Ox’s ability or industriousness. It is a consequence of the current downturn in the world economic climate. The good news is that things are set to improve providing Ox people refrain from spreading gossip and make sensible choices. One individual in the workplace may be particularly annoying, but should not provoke the Ox to such an extent that he will be seeking a personal vendetta.

Chinese astrology indicators for 2014 imply that in love and romance the Ox might feel his partner has trust issues. He should make big efforts to ensure these insecurities have no foundation. If an ex from the past turns up, he should endeavour not to give his current partner any cause for jealousy or mistrust. If single, the Ox will have lots of chance encounters with attractive members of the opposite sex, but nothing particularly lasting this year.

2014′s Astrology Horoscope indicates that Money and finances may be a source of worry, particularly as investments have not produced the return Ox people were hoping for. There is a need to take a very realistic view about what can be afforded based on essential needs and basic demands. An Ox person would be wise to take some financial advice in 2014 to prevent a worsening of money matters.

Ox men and women must take care that they get enough sleep in 2014 as their performance at work could be affected adversely. Also they may experience stresses which cause them digestive disorders. They should ensure they eat properly and regularly take gentle exercise. Their worst course of action would be to carry on in silence and not seek medical advice and care. Astrology suggests that although the Ox may suffer negative experiences in 2014, the good horoscope news is that lessons will have been learned and genuine effort, determination and perseverance will reap rewards in future years.

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Overview Of The Chinese Astrology Ox Zodiac Sign

The Chinese astrology Ox zodiac sign applies to you if you were born between February 15th, 1961 and February 4th, 1962, between February 3rd 1973 and January 22nd 1974, between February 20th 1985 and February 8th 1986, between February 7th 1997 and January 27th, 1998 or between January 26th, 2009 and February 13th, 2010. An element also applies to your sign depending on the year of your birth.

The Strengths Of  A Chinese Ox Sign

The Chinese astrology Ox zodiac sign is associated with hard work and reliability. You can definitely count on an Ox to finish the job. An Ox typically believes in themselves and tend to look at the world around them without nuances. To them, something is either good or bad. The Ox often chooses high standards and work hard to achieve their goals.  The Ox is great with the arts and is generally very creative. Their talent extends to any profession where one has to use their hands, from working as a surgeon to becoming an artisan. Oxen tend to be quite stubborn and will stick to their decision no matter what.

Oxen tend to stay close to their family and to the people they care about. It is common for the Ox to feel that no one truly understands them but they remain very patient and understanding with the people they care about. Oxen make great friends once you get to know them since they are reliable and loyal.

The Weaknesses Of  A Chinese Ox Sign

The Ox can judge quite harshly others who do not follow the same model or do not have any goals. Oxen are not social and usually stay quiet in social situations. Oxen can react strongly when crossed and become very angry.

So, did you recognize yourself or a loved one in this description of the Chinese astrology Ox zodiac sign? You should figure out which element influences your sign so you can find an even more detailed horoscope for your zodiac sign. Your element will probably cause certain personality traits of the Ox to be more prominent than others and you should recognize yourself even more in a detailed horoscope.

 Ox Chinese Horoscope 2014

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