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Pig Horoscope Pig Chinese Horoscope 2014There will be many favourable events for Pig people this year especially those involved in any kind of business venture. The Pig will be busy and not particularly looking for quick fixes to problems. This will stand in his favour as others are more likely to crash and burn. The workplace will be competitive but the Pig is mostly likely to be successful and come out on top. Pig people just need to remember humility and reliability and not get carried away with their personal achievements and successes.  There are no short cuts to be had but an unexpected promotion could come your way in 2014. It will be much deserved since you will have worked very hard to achieve it. Also you have shown yourself very patient and diplomatic when required.

According to my Chinese 2014 horoscope, in your love life, relations are happy, but do watch out for the unexpected arrival of a past love. If married, you will feel very protective of your current relationship and will not be tempted. You will feel thankful for continuing harmony and happiness within your family group. Single Pig people will enjoy being able to flirt with many. I do not foresee any strong urge to settle down this year. You will enjoy the moment and then again you will enjoy the variety on offer.

The Pig will have opportunities to make money in 2014 through careful investment. This is strongly indicated by astrology for this year.  He must avoid pressures from youngsters who want him to help them cover their costs. The pig will not be mean, just cautious and sensible. Any money he decides to part with to help solve another’s financial problems will not be appreciated. Take particular note of what my Chinese astrological horoscope interpretation tells us here.

The Pig must take care not to overindulge himself with too many spicy foods. In 2014 he should look after his digestive system. He should also nurture his health by drinking herbal tea, especially camomile. This cycle will be one of many good things for individuals associated with this sign. From my Chinese horoscope I do see one or two dark astrology clouds and care will have to be exercised.

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Chinese Sign of the Pig

Think of the kindest and most caring person that you know – there is a very good chance that they were born under the Year of the Pig. A Pig can seem to lead a very charmed life because of the adoration shown to them by those around them, but in fact it is a direct result of the Pig’s sunny and easy going nature. They are very easy to love and get along with.

A person born under the astrological sign of the Pig will possess many wonderful qualities. They are tolerant, honorable and unfailingly kind. Sometimes, this can lead people to be deeply suspicious of a Pig’s motives but there is no hidden agenda – they genuinely just love to serve others and do good deeds. Other people may seek to abuse a Pig’s kind and trusting nature by taking advantage of their good will. However, this will rarely cause much distress to the Pig as they are so predisposed to see the best in people and truly believe that, deep down, everyone is as good as they are.

As you would expect, a Pig makes a wonderful companion and can be a lifelong friend. But you should keep in mind that Pigs can occasionally be single minded. Once they have formed an opinion they are likely to stick to it and will not want to hear your opinion, let alone discuss it. You should also be mindful of the fact that a Pig loves to help others but will not happily accept help for themselves. They pride themselves on their role as care giver.

A Pig is likely to be an intellectual, and will therefore get on wonderfully with those born in the Year of the Monkey. They have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, which can sometimes wrongly lead others to believe that they are superior or snobbish. Although usually quite quiet in nature, a Pig can talk for hours on a topic that they are particularly interested in – to the point where it can be difficult to stop them speaking.

Pigs have a natural flair for style and good taste, and are highly aesthetic people. They will dress well and care deeply about how they come across to others, both in manners and appearance. A Pig will also have a tendency towards being somewhat of a gourmand. They love good food, and although they eat well they are likely to eat too much.

Because of their happy and accepting nature, people whose astrological symbol is the Pig tend to make excellent marriage partners and are highly romantic. Unlike other Chinese astrology animals, Pigs are very compatible with almost any other type of sign – the one exception is the Snake, who the Pig will fail to please however hard they try. The happiest Pig unions are with other Pigs, Rabbits, Rats and Goats. All of these signs have traits in common which will help the marriage to be a long and successful one.

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 Pig Chinese Horoscope 2014

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