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Rabbit Horoscope Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2014The 2014 Chinese astrology horoscope implies that Rabbit folk will find 2014 a very hectic year. Indeed it will be difficult to find time to relax and even trickier to effectively balance their own needs with the needs of others-friends, colleagues, loved ones. There will be a lot of changes in the workplace and the Rabbit person would be well advised not to resist these changes but to go with the flow. This may not the easiest course of action for Rabbit individuals. However, if they resist change, the longer term outcome for them could become uncertain. New terms of employment are likely and Rabbit people could easily be signing new contracts in their place of work.

Finances should not be too problematic for Rabbit men and women in 2014, providing they are wise and do not commit to any binding financial deals that have severe penalty clauses written in the small print. The Rabbit person would be unwise to take out any new investments this year.

Travel is highlighted in 2014 and there will additional expenses associated with it, but the Rabbit person should be easily able to afford this extra expenditure. Moreover, it will prove to be money well spent and much enjoyment will be shared. Rabbit individuals should always follow their own instincts as well as listening to others since they are well blessed with good intuitive skills and common sense.

The coming Chinese horoscope shows that, in love, Rabbit men and women may go through some patchy times. Whether married or in relationships, there will be a few arguments and disagreements. Single Rabbit people are unlikely to meet a soul-mate this year, but should enjoy being free and the variety of experiences that will be offered to them.

Rabbit people must take time this cycle to rest properly after their hectic schedules. They may be more prone to infections and pain connected with ear, nose and throat areas. Loved ones may cause worries and stresses that could affect Rabbit men and women in a physical way. The horoscope for the Rabbit this Chinese cycle is one suggesting care should be taken in several areas.

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Chinese Sign of the Rabbit

There are some incredibly strong and fierce signs in Chinese astrology, full of passion and drama – but at the other end of the scale there is the sweet and delicate Rabbit. People who were born under the sign of the Rabbit are usually very well liked, because their calm and serenity balances out more quick-tempered personalities in a group dynamic.

A Rabbit is likely to be very relaxed and composed, for the most part. They are quite difficult to provoke into anger, and will go to extreme measures to be diplomatic and avoid any confrontation or conflict. If they do happen to find themselves in a disagreement, it is highly likely that the Rabbit will become very emotional as they are quick to tears. What a Rabbit really longs for is a quiet, peaceful life where everybody gets along.

Some would describe this Chinese astrological symbol as timid, while others would call a Rabbit cautious. A Rabbit does not like to take action until they are in full possession of the facts and have weighed up all of the pros and cons in a situation – they are very wary of making the wrong decision. This diligence and conscientiousness means that they have a sensible approach to work and life, and tend to do relatively well in both. However, an aversion to risk taking also means that while life will be pleasant it will never be exceptional – Rabbits do not tend to enter into ventures which bring them wealth or great success.

As you may expect from these personality traits, a Rabbit does not like change. They can be very nervous or anxious by nature and can be prone to pessimism. But this sensitivity also gives them great empathy and they are often unfailingly kind, which makes them well loved by those around them. If a Rabbit can control their tendency to worry, they can be very serene and content.

Rabbits are also known to be are artistic and have exquisite taste. They enjoy creative pursuits and are very careful in how they dress. You are also likely to find that a Rabbit has a beautifully decorated house, as they are home loving and like to have aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

When it comes to marriage, a Rabbit can make a good companion if they have a suitable partner. Both male and female Rabbits are prone to being a little picky about their prospective bride or groom, due to their tendency to heavily analyze the pros and cons of a situation before making a decision. However, the sweet nature of a rabbit means that when they do make a marriage choice it is likely to be a happy union.

Rabbits should seek out a partner such as a Pig, who are kind and loving but also have the laid back nature to balance out their insecure marriage partner. A Goat or a Dog are also calm enough to make a compatible union. However, a Rabbit should avoid tempestuous combinations such as a Tiger or Ox as the conflict will make them unhappy.

 Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2014

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