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RatHoroscope Rat Chinese Horoscope 2014My Chinese Horoscope for them suggests that Rat individuals can expect a rather challenging period with a lot of pressure in the workplace in 2014. If you are not working, you may have some opportunities to gain employment early in the year. Later on, there will be fewer choices. You will need to act as decisively as possible this year. Once your decisions have been made, don’t doubt yourself and never look back. During the coming year your impetus should be to keep driving forward.

Rat folk have a wonderful ability from birth to innately analyse complicated circumstances and this is shown strongly in the Rat 2014 Chinese horoscope. They will need all their powers of reason to deal with the quite dramatic changes that are forecast for  them in 2014.The workplace will be fraught at times and the Rat person will need to ensure he is not becoming over-tired and therefore less efficient in dealing with the problems that beset him.

The Rat Horoscope for 2014 advises that wellbeing could be threatened if Rat people don’t have a proper diet and/or have too little rest and recuperation.  Men and women of this sign must make sure their bodies have sufficient time to rest and relax ot else there could possibly be a major health issue. Please note that these difficulties can be moderated with a well structured diet complemented by a gentle exercise regime.

My 2014 Chinese Rat Horoscope shows that financial difficulty could occur unless Rat men and women are alert to the possibility of a love one spending too much. This may be due to depression, which Rat people could investigate. Rat people may find themselves compromised and compelled to bail someone out. It is worth bearing in mind that this course of action will only be expected once.

In love, the horoscope picture is clouded by difficulties caused by pressures outside the relationship. Your time will be precious in 2014 and you will need to make additional efforts to spend time with loved ones, otherwise relationships will suffer. There could be difficulties with communication. Single Rat people are unlikely to meet a soul mate this year. The main focus will be on work and possibly on securing new employment.

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Chinese Sign of the Rat

Were you born during the year of the Rat? Your Chinese astrology sign can say a lot about you. Your birthday can tell you whether or not the Chinese astrology Rat zodiac sign applies to you. You were born during the year of the Rat if your birthday is between January 28th, 1960 and February 14th 1961, between February 15th, 1972 and February 2nd, 1972, between February 2nd 1984 and February 19th, 1985, between February 19th, 1996 and February 6th, 1997 or between February 7th, 2008 and January 25th, 2009. You will also have to figure out which element applies to your zodiac sign. The elements applying to the years mentioned above are (in order) metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Even though your element can influence which personality traits of the Rat are more prominent, Rats tend to have certain traits in common. Charm and aggressiveness characterize the Rat. Rats tend to be very sociable and love chatting, even though they do not really confide in anyone when they face problems.
The Chinese astrology Rat zodiac sign is associated with honesty even though Rats can come across as mean and narrow-minded. Rats love going to parties, spending some time with friends and meeting new people. Rats usually have a lot of acquaintances and few close friends.

Rats can be ambitious and intelligent, which means they are usually very successful in the workplace. They know how to be persuasive and charming. However, they can also be selfish, manipulative and hold grudges for a long time. One of the most important challenges Rats have to face is to overcome their discontent and learn not to live in the present.
In spite of being smart and industrious, the Rat tends to spend money as soon as they earn it. Some Rats acquire good money management skills over the years but they are usually unable to make plans for the long term when it comes to their finances. As far as relationships are concerned, Rats are usually hard to get to know. Rats are loyal and do their best to provide for their family but they are not romantic partners.


 Rat Chinese Horoscope 2014

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