Snake 2014 Chinese Astrology

Snake Horoscope Snake 2014 Chinese AstrologyIn the next lunar cycle of Chinese astrology the horoscope for the year of the Horse will bring mixed fortunes for Snake men and women. Employment will be stable but mundane and you may feel a bit trapped in your current circumstances. People will come and go in your workplace but you will be a permanent fixture there this cycle. Try to embrace all changes with positivity. Some of the newcomers will help to rejuvenate you and brighten your outlook. You could easily shine in the workplace if you utilise your wisdom and experience. Others will look to you for help and guidance.

You may need to work out your personal finances very carefully this year in order to avoid a financial crisis. If you have surplus income it would be wise to lay down some provisions for the future. Snake folk need not worry unduly over monetary affairs yet many will be anxious and have sleepless nights. Undue worrying will not change anything. You must sit down with the books, work out a manageable plan and stick to it rigorously.

2014 Chinese astrology horoscope readings point the fact that single Snake individuals can look forward to meeting a person who could easily become a life-partner. Romance will be all sweetness and roses. Newly married couples may find they are expecting the first of their offspring, rather sooner than they had planned. Those who have been in long time partnerships may feel they need a new partner and may opt out of their current relationships. This is not a bad thing as many relationships will have played out and changes will be good for all concerned. Overall Snake people have much to look forward to and be positive about in their romantic lives.

The coming period’s Chinese astrology interpretation clearly shows the good news that the Snake person will have a clean bill of health in 2014. Some might worry about showing signs of getting older and possibly opt for plastic surgery. They should avoid the belief that plastic surgery can be anything more than a temporary fix. The ageing process is natural and should be accepted gracefully. This Chinese horoscope implies a pleasing year for the sign of the Snake but caution must be exercised.

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Chinese Sign of the Snake

Snakes are very popular and always diplomatic. Their intuitive reasoning skills are definitely an advantage and they are also very successful in business. Snakes tend to be introvert around others. Snakes do not necessarily consider money as the most important thing in their lives but they are undeniably talented when it comes to earning and managing money. Snakes do not spend a lot since they would rather engage in intellectual activities than go out with their friends.

Snakes always take the time to think before doing something. Their instinct usually helps them make the right decision or they will carefully analyze their situation but they will never do something on an impulse. Snakes are sometimes mistaken for being lazy since they would rather stay home and find a relaxing activity.  Snakes come across as charming and confident but deep down they experience jealousy and can be possessive. These feelings sometimes alienate their significant others and Snakes have to learn to let go of these negative feelings in order to have a successful relationship. In love, Snakes are compatible with a Rat, an Ox, a Rabbit, a Dragon, a Goat or a Rooster.

Once Snakes set their mind on something, they always follow through. A Snake will work very hard if they come across a business venture they have a good feeling about. Even though Snakes are sometimes mistaken as being lazy, they can surprise others by working very hard to achieve something that matters to them. Snakes can motivate others thanks to their charm but they can also come across as very demanding since they will expect everyone to work just as hard as they do.

You should be able to find an even more detailed personality profile by doing some research on your element and on how it can influence the characteristics of the Snake. You should also find out how the current year can influence your horoscope based on your sign and your element. Chinese horoscopes are surprisingly accurate and you will probably recognize yourself if you look at a detailed horoscope based on your sign and element. The current astrological predictions for the year will give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of your career, projects, friendships and love connections.



 Snake 2014 Chinese Astrology

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