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Tiger Horoscope Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2014The Chinese Astrology Tiger horoscope for 2014 suggests that for Tiger individuals, the coming Chinese New Year will bring lots of luck and prosperity. Although there are changes on the horizon in the workplace, Tiger people should not be fearful of them or view them with suspicion. These changes are likely to be very fruitful for Tiger folk and if they feel overwhelmed by uncertainty they should look to time which will prove their insecurities are groundless. The time of the Horse will open things up for Tiger individuals and present them with new and exciting opportunities.

Financial wealth will come to the Tiger person in various forms this period. Indeed, finances will generally be very healthy. rewards and bonus possibilities look to be very possible or even, perhaps, unexpected wins. Tiger people a known to be careful financially and therefore not likely to spend hugely this year. That said, they should aim to help those who have helped them make sound fiscal choices in times gone by. It would be good  to acknowledge financial contacts who have been helpful on key occasions.

The 2014 Chinese year horoscope shows that Tiger people’s partners will be completely unaware that the past may hold a secret infidelity. The Tiger man or woman will feel rather guilty, but regretting past events is an exercise in pointlessness and this unsettled period will pass by. It will be possible to sustain the relationship, provided you can keep secrets of this type to yourself. Single Tiger men and women are unlikely to form a lasting romantic attachment during the coming period, though they will encounter many attractive and highly compatible others. Strong romantic feelings will be present during the summer period.

2014’s Chinese Horoscope implies that Tiger men and women may struggle with eating the right things in the Chinese Year of the Horse. They will be tempted by greasy and deep fried foods, all of which will play havoc with their digestive systems and this cycle’s horoscope advises them to take care in this area. Caffeine is also a substance that should be steered clear of of from a dietary point of view.  Tiger people should take great care not to ignore their health even if their moodiness drives them one way, while their body pulls them another.

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Chinese Sign of the Tiger

There are two Chinese astrology symbols which have more than their fair share of leaders. One is the Dragon – the sign of the emperors – and the other is the Tiger. A Tiger can be born to lead because of their fearless approach to life, innate self confidence and their charismatic authority. They tend to be highly respected members of society.

Because a Tiger’s confidence can make them seem arrogant and overbearing, many people assume that they are selfish too. This is occasionally true, but mostly Tiger people are very generous and caring. They may love confrontation and attention, but often you will find that they are fighting for a just cause and for the benefit of others.

It is true, however, that Tigers love to be the one in charge and will rarely accept or yield to the direction of other people. They have a natural air of command which encourages people to follow them, but a Tiger is equally capable of operating along. A person born in the Year of the Tiger is very dynamic and loves to accomplish things as quickly as possible. Therefore, they will often choose to enthusiastically pursue a goal on their own, rather than enlisting the help of other people who may potentially slow them down.

This go-getting attitude means that many Tigers become very successful and wealthy, but they are not directly interested in making a fortune. A Tiger merely possesses many qualities which are aligned with attracting money.

Although Tiger people seem impressive and powerful, they also have a very soft and sensitive side. In friendships, a Tiger will often take it very personally if you have a minor disagreement, or if they feel that you are not giving them your full support in a matter. Fortunately, most people find it hard to fall out with their Tiger friend because they are so likable that it is easy to give them what they want.

In matters of love, Tigers can be a great partner. They are romantic and passionate, but must learn to rein in some of the excess which comes from being emotional and tempestuous – if a relationship turns sour, a Tiger can become very possessive and jealous. A Tiger really needs a calmer partner to balance out a marriage, such as a Dog or a Pig. Other Tigers or strong astrological symbols with similar traits should be avoided, as the resulting relationship will be passionate but full of conflict.

Tigers can be very complex, and finding a worthy endeavor to work towards is the key to creating a happy life. A person born in the Year of the Tiger is full of energy, but without direction the Tiger is at risk of turning to dangerous pursuits to create excitement. The excess energy may also manifest itself as angry outbursts and conflict. Having a focus for creative energy or something worthwhile to fight for can bring great happiness and serenity to a passionate Tiger.

 Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2014

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